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Dan Ashendorf

Hi and welcome to this review of PinFlux 2

Pinterest is the best platform currently for driving traffic to eCommerce websites due to its visual properties and wide usage among well to do shoppers.

The way to drive traffic is to re-pin other people’s content on to your own board (or possibly create your own pins and then pin them to your boards)

You need to follow (and unfollow) other board…and do the same for other users.
This takes time and money if you’re hiring a VA to do this for you.

Enter PinFlux 2.0 which automates the entire process.

The Front end will sell for $27…and see the entire funnel below

Pinflux Pro – $47
Enhanced and supercharged version of Pinflux 2 unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports more number of accounts and boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

Pro version has the following add-on features
– 2 years of free upgrade
– Support for unlimited accounts
– Support for unlimited boards
– Unlimited posts
– Unlimited Engagement
– Commercial license

Pinflux Agency – $67
With this license, your customer can sell Pinflux and keep all the sales proceeds. It’s a one-time license that allows them to sell Pinflux.
Pro version has the following add-on features

Viral Reach Pro – $47
Unlock massive traffic from Facebook with this powerful Facebook automation software that lets you create the social post for the entire month at once.

Mighty Memes Pro – $47
Use memes to drive traffic engage your audience and drive massive traffic to your offers with the most powerful meme making software.

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